When the app is paired to your device it can communicate different things. This guide will help you understand them.

Understanding device status

The device status will show in the top part of the Home Screen.


This means that the app is not currently receiving live status notifications from the Reader. This can be because your device is not in range of the reader, because your vehicle’s engine is off or because your have limited support.


This means that app has a live connection with the Reader and your vehicle. ONLY when in Live mode you will be able to run Health Scans and access the Live Status screen.


This means the device is disconnected.
Savy Driver devices have a capacitor that allow the device to send a message to our servers about their disconnection. Here is the process the devices follow to do this:

  1. Device is physically disconnected from the port.

  2. Device waits 3-5 minutes to check if the device is not plugged back in.

  3. If not plugged back in then it shows the disconnected status.