This guide shows the correct way to plug your Savy Driver device into the vehicle.

How to connect Savy Driver to your vehicle

  1. Make sure the vehicle is parked is parked outside, with a clear view of the sky to ensure proper GPS location and wireless connection. If the vehicle is inside a service bay or show room, the device might not be able to acquire wireless connection to deliver the information to our servers.

  2. Make sure the vehicle's ignition is OFF.

  3. Plug in the device into the vehicle's OBD-II port. You will see all the device LED lights turn on for a second.

  4. Wait for 20 seconds and start the vehicle.

  5. Allow the vehicle to idle for 2-3 mins.

    During this time the GREEN LED will begin to blink, indicating communication with the vehicle.

    The RED LED will blink, indicating registration with the wireless network.

    The AMBER LED will blink indicating that it is acquiring a GPS FIX.

  6. When the AMBER LED is solid it means the connecting has been established.

  7. Congratulations, your device is set. If possible before turning off the vehicle, connect the device to your app.

Learn what to do if device is not connecting.

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How long will it take for the data to be received?

If the device doesn't have any problems acquiring wireless connection and communicating with the vehicle, then data generated by the device usually takes between 5-10 seconds to be processed by our servers.

VIN Registration

The first thing the device does is get the VIN from the vehicle which is then sent to our servers. Once received we will decode the VIN and now we will display the VIN, along with the Make-Model-Year of the vehicle.

GPS Location

When a device is newly connected it comes out of what we call a deep sleep. When this happens the GPS module needs to do a bit of warming up before it can acquire what it believes is a valid fix. Once the server gets a valid fix, it will be displayed.

Vehicle Readings

Vehicle readings such as Fuel Level, Odometer and Temperature readings, are read within the first minute of the vehicle been on but only if the vehicle supports them. If after two minutes none of those readings are available, then most likely the vehicle doesn't support reporting those values.

Battery Level

The battery level is only reported at the end of the trip when the vehicle is turned off. So on your first device connection, you will not see a battery reading but until you turn the vehicle off.