This guide shows you how to request or manage device permissions.

Manage authorizations as an owner

As an owner when someone request authorization to access or manage your device, you'll be able to manage the permission level.

1.Go to Device Settings.

2. Tap on "Manage Authorizations".

3. Tap on the request you want to manage.

4. Select the desired authorization.

5. You can change it at any time.

Request authorization

When you register a device that has already marked a device owner, it'll send an authorization request to the owner. The owner of the device can manage the authorizations in "Device Settings > Manage authorizations".

Change device ownership

When the device owner removes the Savy driver device (Device Settings > Remove Savy Driver) it'll forfeit the device ownership . If the device doesn't have any other account registered to it, the device will mark the next account it's registered to as the device owner. If the device has registered accounts it'll mark the new device ownership in chronological order.